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Ferreira Segantini Plastic Surgery was founded in 2003 by the doctor Dr. Márcio Ferreira and his wife, also a doctor, Dr. Vanessa Segantini. With a different proposal from everything that was on the market, Ferreira Segantini was born and brought a new way to serve its patients.

Doctor of humanized vision and attentive to the smallest details, Dr. Márcio always sees beyond the medical procedure. For him, Plastic Surgery is a way of manifesting the art of shaping the innate beauty of people.

Ferreira Segantini has a large space, built specially to give total support, privacy and security, providing our patients welcoming and well-being from the first appointment until the postoperative care, aiming at maximum satisfaction.


Uberlândia/MG despite being the second largest city in the state, it is still welcoming. In addition to all its leisure and entertainment structure with three large shopping malls, complete hotel network, clubs, bars, restaurants and exuberant nature in its surroundings, Uberlândia is also a national medicine hub in Brazil, bringing together great professionals from all areas.