icone diamante

What we do resembles the cutting of a gemstone. With advanced surgical techniques and treatments, we seek in each one the beauty that’s already in there, maybe a little modified by time or life’s circumstances.

More than
1.200 faces

The impressive figure of over 1.200 complete faces, not counting the partial surgeries, performed by only one doctor, is amazing! While the search for facial surgeries, in most doctor’s offices are of 9%, here at Ferreira Segantini, our numbers go up to 44%. A relevant number that indicates reference in this kind of procedure.

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When I was a child I used to draw, carve wood and clay pieces. As a surgeon I recall this match between art and science. Plastic surgery requires a systematic view from the doctor, in which we have to think in the human being as a whole, not only as part of a body.

We have to compare us to the best version of ourselves. This is what I help my patients to achieve.

Dr. Márcio Ferreira